Some problems require you to find your man…

Find YOUR Man

There is only one solution to an entrepreneur’s problem:

Find the man!

You, my entrepreneurial friend, may have guessed by now, just how critical effective advertising and marketing is, when it comes to providing you with unlimited success.

They go hand in hand.

One, without the other will severely handicap your success and quite frankly, suck the life out of your entrepreneurial dreams.

You need a potent cocktail of the right advertising words and the right marketing strategies together with savvy, progressive, thinking to give you the right mixture for unlimited success.

Back in 1909 years, nobody loved an alarm clock, which frustrated the manufacturer until a Frenchman named Leroy transformed that annoying, ugly, bedside item into something which people liked.

It took a lot of finesse to make a deafening disturber of the morning peace seem like a cheery, long lost friend, even to sleep-lovers. Leroy was an artist in advertising.

The manufacturer who hired Leroy settled his sales problem for many a year. He found his man.

In 1958, when Hathaway wanted to sell more shirts, they hired direct response writer, David Ogilvy and over an 8 year period, sales increased from $5 million a year to $13 million a year. They found their man.

Again in 1958, when Rolls Royce wanted to be a huge successful in America, they hired David Ogilvy and the results – amazing.

Here again, successful business owners and entrepreneurs, found the answers by finding it’s man.

Fast Forward to now . . .

When Tom Harley wanted to sell his expensive fax machines, he tried long and hard to sell them the traditional way but struggled to compete against low level, cheap sellers. He chose to have an offer created that completely crushed the competition. He sold his company within 12 moths of using this offer. He found his man.

When heating engineer Jaimie decided he was going to start out in business on his own, he never had any idea where he would get business from. He approached a guy whom he heard could help him generate new leads for his new venture. Little did he know that within 3 months he would be employing 3 people to keep up with demand. He found his man.

The owners of a property development company were looking for a strategy to attract new high value projects. Their own attempts had failed miserably so they took advice on who could help them.

They were introduced to a marketer who – after doing his research designed a completely new funnel to help them position themselves as the pre-eminent company to deal with in their space.

Somewhat reluctantly, they tested the funnel. Result – they now ONLY work with clients who pay them £100k upfront management fee’s.

They found the strategist, writer, advisor and mentor.

In 2012 when dental surgeon Rob Bain was looking to maximise on his specialist dental implant procedure, he got a guy in who reviewed his entire sales process.

With only dental nurses as his ‘sales team’, a system was developed to convert potential clients into paying customers.

Rob’s 2 sales a week (£25,000 product) went up to 8 sales a week with 2 months. He had found THE man.

When Derek Forrest wanted to expand his carpet cleaning business, he got in a man who created a simple scalable lead gen funnel. His sales went up by 415% immediately and he started to expand into new areas. He found his man.

When the owner of a floor sanding business wanted to attract new (and better) clients and have people refer him more often, never in his wildest dreams did he expect to have more work than his business could handle. He knew he had found his man.

When a huge mortgage broker was in desperate need of new leads, they cast their net wide to find a suitable person.

They found someone who took over their lead generation efforts and their business virtually doubled.

Generating 250-300 qualified leads every week, they are in no doubt they’ve found their man.

You’ve been given just a small sample above to whet your appetite about having unlimited success.

Just in case you haven’t worked out who ‘THE MAN‘ is in all of the success facts above . . . it’s me, William Stewart