So you need to sell a years worth of products in 5 weeks - Then you need to look at an Online Product Launch....get your business back on track

“If Your Business Need’s To Generate A Bucket Load Of Cash Quickly, Then You Need To Seriously Consider Doing An Online Product Launch.”

Even If You Only Think It’s For Large Multi-National Companies….Have Never Considered This In The Past….Or Don’t Know The First Thing About Product Launches/Marketing

There’s one sure fire way to generate a load of revenue fast and that’s to have a sale….but how can one company have a sale and barely sell anything and another company has a sale and sells out all their stock???

We’ve all seen it before…

One company’s sale brings in a few hundred pounds and another’s (in the same marketplace, same type of clients and same types of product) brings in a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand pounds.

It’s all in the way the products are presented for sale – and by sale, I don’t necessarily mean giving a discount off the price…

If you need to:-

Bring in a load money fast
Move inventory to make way for new stock
Catch up because your behind on your targets
Generate working capital – quickly
Smash your sales records


Then you need to look at doing a product launch.

I have now had William do a product launch for me, and done one myself.   His was better but so this could be something I could do again and again, I had to go it alone (with William’s guidance).    Bottom line, I sold 231 units in 12 days and when I checked back it had taken me 4 months and one day to sell the same amount previously.   These launches are superb and if I have to be honest, I must have messed up in almost every thing I had to do.   If I can do it then so can you…. HT

– Henry Templeton, Olympic Pools and Spa’s, Saunton

The good news is that Product Launches are simple to do (not easy), they are as much a science as an art form (so you don’t need to worry about copy writing or have to be super talented with words) and even better I have now conducted over 22 of them and know exactly what I’m doing.

A Product Launch is a series of communications you have with you existing clients and prospective clients that allows you to get to find out exactly what your clients are thinking about, it lets you influence them and persuade them using a series of simple steps that let’s them get involved in a way that most companies simply don’t know how to do.

There are a few easy to follow steps that must be completed and there’s also a way to conduct a launch yourself if you feel that’s the way you want to go (some people have good ideas but they just need the structure that I can provide for them to follow).

With a Product Launch you’ll also…

Build up a great relationship with your clients

Train your clients to act whenever you do a Re-launch (yes this is not a one-off event)

Create a great buzz about your company that will stand you apart from your competitors

Find out exactly what you clients really want – a Product Launch is a great way of having an ongoing communication with your clients and REALLY get to know them

and so much more…

To find out if this is something that you could use in your business, simply complete the form below or call me today.

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