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It’s Simply A Matter Of Generating A Steady Stream Of Qualified Leads

From: William Stewart
Internet Marketing Coach, Bothwell, Scotland

When I ask people about their lead generation system, I usually get one of two replies.

We do it ‘this way’ because that’s the way we’ve always done it. (nobody questions or measures the results – FATAL mistake)


I hear excuse after excuse about how hard it is to generate leads. Things like:-

  • it’s too expensive
  • it’s too hard
  • there’s too much competition
  • we don’t have a sales force or sales funnel to follow up on leads (yes I’ve heard that)
  • no money to advertise
  • not got the technical skills
  • I’ve tried other ways before to generate leads
  • and on and on…

And you know, sometimes their excuses are real reasons  but in the majority of times they are simply excuses.


Truth be told – the don’t know how to use a variety of lead generation systems or set them up. Or worst still, they know there’s a bit of work involved, they know they really don’t know what they’re doing and don’t want to seem that they don’t know their business – or even worst still…

they’re plain lazy and don’t want to put the time and effort into creating a lead generation
system that will catapult them miles ahead of their competition.

William conducted a free analysis for me and showed me where I had been going wrong. I’m glad to say he also pointed out the good parts but when I asked him to come up with a solution for me, I am a bit embarrassed to say his solution looked nothing like what we were using. The results don’t look the same either. From generating the odd lead online we now spend half the money and generate 400% more leads – that’s about 12 new leads a month for me and the team to go after. If there’s a chance that William will look at your online marketing, don’t hesitate. Jump on it with both hands and keep an open mind. I always took criticism hard but when it’s costing you money…well enough said!!!

– Tom Henderson

Sounds crazy how some people don’t want to take the actions to rise to the top of their field – but I see it all the time, because pride gets in the way.

There are some ‘challenging’ work to do to create a good lead generation system for any business. But once it’s set up, tracked, tested and tweaked (on an ongoing basis) then it’s probably one of the most valuable assets any business can have.

Things that you need to do are:-

  • understand the prospects buying cycle and where they are on the buying cycle
  • understand your selling cycle ( and this is VITAL – how to make sure the prospects buying cycle and your selling cycle match up)
  • Clearly identify (to your prospects) that you you know and understand exactly what your prospects problems are and you know their hopes, dreams and aspirations too
  • Set up a sales funnel that shows you can solve their problems, help them achieve their dreams and educate them as to why you are the only logical choice to do business with

So I know how much work that is (I’ve been setting these things up for almost 20 years in total – offline and now mainly online).

I also know that to someone who is looking at that list and thinking “this is a LOT of work” – then they’re right.

But what would you rather have

Option 1 – A steady flow of pre-qualified prospects to deal with


Option 2 – Scrape by with what you have just now (and worst still, your competitors set up a sales funnels that takes even the meagre amount of leads that will ‘accidently’ fall into your lap – leaving you with nothing)

Another way of looking at it:-

“What option above will support you and your business moving forward?”

And we’ve not even touched upon the economy and what you need to do just to stay in business these days…


Sure, you could keep on doing what you’ve always been doing – but you will keep on getting what you’ve always been getting.


You can get educated about setting up a lead generation system then decide to:-

Keep on doing what you’re doing just now – with the same results (might be good enough!!)

Upgrade to a more profitable lead generation system (either with my help or some other specialist)

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Do it right away and start working on your business and not just in your business.