William Stewart Has Sent Over 2 Million Emails Over The Past 11 Years To Generate A Steady Stream Of Untapped Profits In All Types Of Markets And All Types Of Products Now He Reveals How You Too Can Use His Systems To...

“Tap Into The Consistent No1 Money Generating Activity Since The Internet Began….”

And, as a side benefit – create hyper responsive customers, a loyal following and a team of clients delighted to send you referrals on an ongoing basis…

From: William Stewart
Internet Marketing Coach, Bothwell, Scotland

Do you make any of these mistakes when you send an email???

Write like a robot (let’s be honest – NO-ONE likes to get dry boring lifeless emails)

Send out emails without a purpose

Spend more than 20-30 minutes creating your ‘masterpiece’ – only to get a lukewarm response at best

Fail to track your open rate, your click through rates and ultimately the effectiveness of your email efforts

There is a lot of myths about email and not educating yourself is a very risky strategy.

Today’s cut-throat business environment means you need to be gaining every competitive advantage you can get. Like remaining in constant contact with your prospects and clients for virtually no cost.

After you have got the attention of your prospects (or after you sell a product and you have a client) you need to immediately start building a strong, purpose driven relationship with those people.

Do this correctly and you gain an outrageous advantage over the competition.  It builds a rabid FAN base desperately attached BOTH to your free content and the paid products you promote.  It develops loyalty and trust for multiple back end products, higher prices, and sets you up in a virtually competition free zone….even in brutally competitive markets.

Once you know how to set up an effective email campaign you’ll wonder why you got by without it.

Some myths about email marketing that are simply not true

Myth No 1 – Email is difficult, complicated or hard to do (not if you have a simple step-by-step proven formula to follow)

Myth No 2 – Email is dead (yeah right – I first heard that about 9 years ago and since then, research has shown that there has been more business done as a result of email marketing EVERY year (year on year), since I first heard that statement made). Email is not going away, anytime soon.

Myth No 3 – Email is spammy (see Myth No1 above)

Myth No 4 – You need technical skills to make email work. This simply is not true and never has been. Email marketing programs have always been easy to get the hang of but more so now than ever.

The simple truth is:

If You Can Write A Simple Email, You Can Earn Profits Online


email is an ongoing strategy, it’s not a one-hit-wonder. You need to invest a MINIMUM of 30 minutes a week to make this work. Can you afford that time?

Another way of saying that is this:-

Can you afford not to look at spending 30 minutes a week on something that can…

generate ‘FREE’ money from your existing prospects

up-sell your existing clients (in a way they will thank you for it)

create strong loyal fans and hyper responsive customers

have your clients giving you referrals on an ongoing, consistent basis(some people build a business just on this alone)

set up quick ‘internal’ fast launches to sell your products VERY quickly

IGNITE VIRAL MARKETING with your follow up content to magnetically attract additional leads and customers AT NO COST

Now if all of this sounds too good to be true, then maybe for you it is. But if on the other hand, you feel you want to see if this is for you, the good news is – it costs nothing to find out.

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