How well is your site converting?

Or to put it another way - how much money are you leaving on the table???

Most People Think That Getting More Website Traffic Will End All Their Problems – Let Me Tell You Right Now They Couldn’t Be More Wrong.

Let me tell you why…

From: William Stewart
Internet Marketing Coach, Bothwell, Scotland

If you know anything about the Internet the age old formula has never changed – traffic x conversions = success .

Getting traffic is a MUST and hasn’t changed one tiny bit but, the way people act online now means that the conversion part has changed – BIG TIME.

If your page does not convert visitors this is what it means to you:-

You leave money on the table (yes even after having spent money time and effort you simply let people walk away, happens all the time – is this happening with you?)

Potential buyers who find your page and end up leaving having taken no action – again this costs you in the pocket

Are you making these mistakes on your web-page?


Not talking directly to you visitor. I hope you talk one-on-one with your visitors – it ALWAYS gets the best response


No clear Call To Action – so your clients knows EXACTLY what to do after they read your page


No clear purpose for the page. This is a massive mistake but it happens more times than not



Not calling out exactly who your page is for by letting them know you understand their problems


No mechanism for capturing your visitors details so you can continue to add value to them in another medium (for example email). This again will be costing you as your competitors scoop up YOUR lost profits


No proof on your page. Hype = a promise made with no proof to back it up. Don’t fall foul to that mistake as it can easily be fixed

Look. No one can expect you to have the best converting website online as you’ve got a business to run but at least now you can grab one of my cheat sheets and run your site and/or some of your pages through my checklist.

Once you know for sure what each and every visitor is worth to you, then (and only then) should you go looking for more traffic. This cheat sheet will point you in the right direction.

Don’t waste anymore time, effort and money hoping more traffic will make you more money – let’s be honest hope is not exactly a good business philosophy.

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