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I’d love to hear from you about your site, your business or whatever you want to run by me.

About Premier Consultants

I’m William Stewart, full time Internet marketing consultant who has been at the ‘sharp end’ of online sales and marketing for 14 years full time.

I have helped hundreds of businesses in hundreds of different niches and markets to create hugely successful sales funnels and make money online and not because I learned some theory sitting in an Ivory Tower learning about the theory of marketing but simply because my livelihood depended on it.

I’ve helped clients (and my own sites) create well over 112 sites, created countless lead generation plans and conducted over 22 full scale online product launches.

When I started my online business all the way back in 2000, I started with nothing…I literally had no money to start the business, I had NO online experience at all but I had guts and determination and a willingness to do whatever it took to be successful).

It’s been a wild ride and I wish I had someone who had actually ‘done-the-biz’ to teach me and not some here-today-gone-tomorrow ‘guru’ spouting off theory and crap (that they have never actually profited from) designed just to get me to part with my cash. And, let me tell you, some of them succeeded before I knew better.

So, this is the place where people can contact me and see if we can work together.

I don’t normally take on clients now as I have my hands full but I do like helping people if time allows and I do like to explore new opportunities.

Best Regards,